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    How does the workplace moderate occupational quality?

    Highlights from Research Brief 5: This study explored how workplace practices moderate the relationship between two aspects of occupational quality relating to job demands and several indicators of employee well-being. Employees in more demanding occupations report being more satisfied with...

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    Downward occupational mobility, unemployment, and job satisfaction

    Highlights from Research Brief 4: This study examines the impact of downward occupational mobility on job satisfaction and the context under which it causes less well-being damage. Drawing on eighteen years of longitudinal data provided by the British Household Panel...

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    Does occupational mobility improve job satisfaction?

    Highlights from Research Brief 3: The impact of occupational mobility on job satisfaction depends on the direction of travel on the occupational ladder. Upward occupational mobility (defined by a change of occupation from lower to higher skilled occupational class) leads...

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    What has been happening to occupational quality?

    Highlights from Research Brief 2: In general, the more an occupation pays, the better its overall job quality. However, there are many interesting exceptions to this. For instance, we identify a group of ‘artisan occupations’ that are some of the...

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    The Good Work Index

    Highlights from Research Brief 1: Since job quality is multidimensional, key to mapping disparities in it is developing a metric that meaningfully and transparently summarises the overall hierarchy in the quality of work. To do this, we developed the Good...

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    Mapping the quality of working life

    The project has now kicked off. We are busy mapping how the quality of working life in Britain is differentiated according to one's occupation. Updates on the research will be posted here. In the mean time, this post over at the...

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